"Queen of Pentacles" - a woman who sits upon her throne decorated with the fruits of her labours - surrounded by the success of her social and sensual pleasures. Beneath her feet and above her head grow the rich fruits of her life thus far....held together by one small golden pendant, symbolic of her material and mental worth - her sign.

Cosmo-exploring, moon-aligning, SUPERSTAR, astro-women - recognise your strengths, accept your weaknesses, own your sign, be an icon - together we make the world go round.

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, a young superstar fused her love for bad astrology and sparkly things to create Queen of Pentacles. Drawing from years of inspiration and fascinations, books and images, travel and love - the involvement, input, and support from many of her creative friends helped make the astro-vision come to life. A long time coming.

Queen of Pentacles is a concept that will affect each women in a different way. While we focus on each astrological sign generally speaking, it will be the moments, experiences, hopes, and dreams that will make each piece come to life. Let us guide you without restriction, encourage your desires, break barriers of so-called limitations, and ultimately help you recognise what makes them yours. 

Until then, Superstars.